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Wedding Hypnosis?

Unforgettable Wedding Entertainment

After every wedding comes the wedding party, or reception. Your invited guests have been patiently sharing your personal time and sitting through the ceremony quietly.

The wedding party is the time for them (and you two) to cut loose and have fun! It's a time to celebrate your joining, and anticipate your happiness as a new family.

Wouldn't you like to: 

  • Make your wedding party TOTALLY UNFORGETTABLE?
  • Make your wedding party COMPLETELY UNIQUE??
  • Entertain your guests in a FASCINATING WAY they never expected when they came to your wedding?
  • Give your guests a FASCINATING EXPERIENCE, beyond anything they ever expected?
  • Have your guests cooperate in providing THEIR OWN entertainment?
  • Make your guests laugh, and enjoy remembering YOUR WEDDING PARTY for years?

But how?

Professor Jay Tee's Wedding Hypnosis Entertainment!

Professor Jay Tee is a Master Hypnotist, with 20 years of experience. His hilarious show demonstrates the effect of hypnosis on human minds, in a very funny way, using YOUR OWN WEDDING GUESTS!

Two entertainment program lengths are available for wedding parties
(click the links to learn more):

Contact us at to make arrangements and get a price quote.

Or, simply ask your wedding planners to contact us and book a show.
(Plus, we give you an additional discount if your wedding planners are booking us for the first time.)

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