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This page of is only for people who are planning to get married.
(So, if that's not you, please go away. Just kidding. PJT)

Did you know?
Professor Jay Tee also performs as a wedding celebrant for weddings in Japan, East Asia, and reasonably nearby places to fly to. (e.g.: Hawaii).

Professor Jay Tee usually performs traditional wedding ceremonies for those of mainstream faiths.
But there are an increasing number of people who do not adhere to the beliefs of any mainstream religion, or perhaps they have no religion at all. Yet, they still wish to have a wedding ceremony. If you are getting married (or someone you know is), please keep reading...

What is Marriage?

Marriage is a tradition of very ancient lineage. It's existence reaches into prehistory; no one knows exactly how long people have held marriage ceremonies. Marriage does not belong only to any one set of religious beliefs, or any one set of people. Marriage is a uniquely human custom, found worldwide, in widely disparate cultures. Why would such a thing exist everywhere?

Marriage lets us share the burdens of life with someone, while also sharing the wonderful parts. Married people have someone to work with, learn with, learn from, enjoy pleasing, and be pleased by. 
When a marriage works well, it's a wonderful thing; and even on those days when it doesn't work perfectly it can still be better than remaining single and alone.
"Shared pain is lessened; shared joy, increased — thus do we refute entropy." 
Spider Robinson
A marriage should be defined by the people participating; defining and approving marriage is not something which belongs to governments. Gender identities and sexual preferences have been fluid throughout history. Yet people of all types who decide to bring their lives together often feel they want—no, they often feel they need—a marriage ritual to seal them together. Why is this the case?

Why Marriage?

Marriage was probably created long ago as a solemn ritual for people outside the new relationship. Marriage helps communicate to outsiders how important the new group is to each other, and requests them to treat the whole group as "blood kin" or "family" from now on. It is to indicate how important they are to each other, and how much they want to incorporate themselves into each other's lives... It is a Public Commitment. (No wonder some people are scared of it!)

Marriage is a solemn ritual, held in front of everyone, that helps the couple's friends, their families, and other chosen associates to come together, to understand and cherish, and to celebrate the new union. It also reminds the people involved in the marriage that they were the ones who chose this, they were the ones who wished to make it a serious thing, and that their relationship is not something to be lightly tossed aside at the first disagreement. Or even the hundredth.

For Whom is Marriage?

Professor Jay Tee makes no limits for whom he will provide his services as a wedding celebrant. Pagan, atheist, religious, heterosexual, homosexual, polyamourous, (or just plain confused)—it makes no difference.
If you wish to have a wonderful ritual to celebrate your wonderful relationship, that's all that's required. 

Once you have booked, and we know when and where your wedding will be happening, Professor Jay Tee will help you develop a personalized ritual centered on your relationship and what values you hold dear. Then, when the time comes, he will be there to guide you through the process and into beginning your new life together.

How Does Jay Tee Do Weddings?

Note: Jay Tee performs weddings in English only, or in a combination of Japanese and English. 

We work together with you and your local music providers (if any) to create the perfect ceremony for you.

Do you want a:
  • Full Christian ceremony complete with appropriate Bible readings and hymn singing? No problem. 
  • Wicca-based ceremony with calls to the Goddess? We can do it. 
  • Completely non-religious ceremony where you all promise your love and exchange rings with each other in front of witnesses? As you wish.

Jay Tee is a duly ordained minister of the Universal Life Church (ULC), authorized to perform weddings in most jurisdictions.
In 2018 he founded a new humanist religious sect, the Via Stellarus, as an offshoot of the ULC. 

Please contact us at
to exchange details, get a quote and begin the process of designing your outstanding wedding service.

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