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What else does Professor Jay Tee do
besides his fantastic and famous

Themed Hypnosis™ 

comedy/drama shows?

Professor Jay Tee also provides excellent

Corporate Seminars

and general

Hypnotic Seminars

Our Famous Smoke-Free Online Hypnotherapy program has helped over 600 people quit smoking, permanently, in just two hours.

Online Hypnotherapy is also available for stress/anxiety relief, weight loss and much more.

And, yes, I still have my own Audio Hypnosis downloads available!

Professor Jay Tee is a certified minister of the Universal Life Church, and enjoys providing Christian and non-Christian Wedding Services across Japan and in the area, for couples of all sorts.

How Much Does it Cost for a Show or Seminar?

Hypnosis is not something you can become fully proficient at in a very short time. (Although some people will tell you that to sell their one-weekend hypnosis training program...)
So I'll tell you up front—hiring me is probably not in the cards for most people's backyard barbecue or children's birthday party. I've spent over 20 years building my skills and perfecting my technique. And I believe in charging for proper amount for my time and effort.

You can hire somebody cheaper for entertainment, and get a so-so show with old-time standard skits and weak hypnosis effects. But when you're ready for a GREAT hypnosis show, just come back and hire me. 
The same goes DOUBLE for a mental change seminar. Are you going to hire the LOWEST BIDDER to work on people's MINDS? 
—Jay Tee

My most recent price list is linked here:

Professor Jay Tee Show/Seminar Price List

How can I schedule a seminar or show by Professor Jay Tee?

Contact us at to book a show or seminar, or feel free to ask us any question about hypnosis, hypnotherapy, or Professor Jay Tee's work.

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