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Hypnotic Seminars

Descriptions of Hypnotic Seminars

Given in English only, but may be interpreted.
(Experienced English-Japanese interpreter is available for an extra charge, please inquire.) 

Typical seminars are 2 hours, but length is somewhat adjustable.
Note that for the Smoke-Free Program, 2 hours is required, and it also carries a higher cost per participant.

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Meditative Hypnosis (goal-oriented)

Have an amazing experience, achieve a unique mental state known as Meditative Hypnosis (MH), and improve your life! Starts with a short lecture on the mind, and then teaches what MH is, and how and why it can help people live a better life. This is followed by numerous training activities and practice. After experiencing Meditative Hypnosis, you will learn a method to quickly return to this useful mental state in the future. Finishes with expert tips on how to use your new MH knowledge to make positive changes in your behavior and your life.

Hypnosis Experience (mesmerizing)

This seminar simply gives you an amazing experience in hypnosis. For those who are not sure whether or not to believe in hypnosis, the seminar serves as an interesting and possibly useful introduction to the topic. No matter whether you believe it or not, by following a few simple suggestions you will be able to enter that heightened state of focus that we call hypnosis, and be able to control your mind as the hypnotist suggests.

Refreshing Garden (relaxation)

An intriguing experience as you follow the instructions and find yourself in a beautiful garden surrounded by chirping birds, cool breezes, and wonderful experiences. A good choice for people who are wishing to learn how to use hypnosis in order to reduce stress and tension. A great choice for people in a group who wish to get to know each other better and learn to work as a team.

Summer at the Beach (stress management)

Got stress, get Hypnosis! This is an excellent choice to introduce a corporate group or other group to the powers and wonders of hypnosis. As a side benefit, all of the participants will learn how to handle stress rapidly and easily.

Bikini Body (weight loss)

It may or may not be summer where you are now. But thinking about how you look on the beach (men or women) is a great way to remind you why you want to lose weight, isn’t it? Learn about self-suggestions and other ways to use your mind to affect your body in a positive way. During the seminar, poor internal body images will be re-sculpted, eating habits will be adjusted, and new opportunities pinpointed!

Anxiety Eraser (stress control)

This is a more in depth hypnosis session focused on how to control and reduce stress in your home life and in your workplace. Numerous strategies will be brought up and put in place inside the participants’ minds. A rapid stress control method will be taught to allow participants to take a step back and breathe when a new, stressful situation comes up.

Personal Power (charisma)

Have you ever wondered just how some people get other people to like them so easily? What is it about their behavior, their appearance, their… Everything! You are about to learn the three major ways to build your charisma in order to get along better with people for many different purposes.

New Mental Doorways (creativity)

It isn’t true that some people have creativity and some people don’t! However, it is true that your mind needs to learn how to manage the flow of creativity in order to use it for different purposes. Learn how to increase the flow, adjust it, and manipulate it inside your mind. You have many different and good ideas; it’s time to let them out!

Hypnotic Birth (for mothers-to-be)

Expectation, they say, is the key to all experiences. Managing your expectations of becoming a mother is the most difficult thing about having your first child. Learn how to handle your expectations, how to manage discomfort, and how to allow your mind to “step aside” from any overwhelming sensations. Welcome your new little one with a smile and a feeling of relief!

Past-life Experience (is it for real?)

Some people believe in reincarnation; that is, they believe that they have lived previous lives. If true, the memories of the previous life should be contained inside the unconscious mind. With the proper manipulation, such memories can be recovered and brought back to the conscious mind so that you become aware of them. Are they real? That is for you to decide.

Psychic Awakening (unusual and fascinating!)

Are you a psychic person? Are you a telepath, an empath, or clairvoyant? Can you see or sense ghosts? Would you like to increase your mind’s latent abilities in ESP? If psychic powers are real, then they must reside in the unconscious mind. And hypnosis is the best way to increase any unconscious connections and enable a freer functioning of hidden talents. 
Don’t know? Come find out!

Smoke-Free Program (stop smoking)

More than 500 people have gone through the smoke-free program successfully. Join the club of highly successful quitters and learn to become a non-smoker in one session of powerful hypnosis experiences. Warning: this is not a pleasant experience. However, it is the most effective one available. If you are lucky, you won’t remember exactly why you suddenly become a permanent non-smoker. If you are ready to quit now, with no more nonsense or denials, this is the way for you.

Sports Visualization (sports)

Numerous professional sports players have learned and use the power of visualization to maximize their potentials—how about you? You don’t have to be a pro to learn to use your mind and body together at a higher level! No matter if your love is golf, tennis, darts, or even video games, visualization is key to raising your skills to their highest possible level.

Visualizing Success (business, executives)

Visualization of success doesn't stop at sports! Visualization is a mental technique used by business professionals running Fortune 500 companies—and sometimes without even realizing they are doing so! Learn exactly what you have been doing with your mind and how to make it work better for you, in your business and in your personal life. 
Don’t sacrifice one for the other! You will learn how to create a proper life-work balance in the only place it really matters; your unconscious mind.

How Much Does it Cost?

Hypnosis is not something you can become fully proficient at in a very short time. (Although some people will tell you that to sell their one-weekend hypnosis training program...)
So I'll tell you up front—hiring me is probably not in the cards for most people's backyard barbecue or children's birthday party. I've spent over 20 years building my skills and perfecting my technique. And I believe in charging for proper amount for my time and effort.

You can hire somebody cheaper for entertainment, and get a so-so show with old-time standard skits and weak hypnosis effects. But when you're ready for a GREAT hypnosis show, just come back and hire me. 
The same goes DOUBLE for a mental change seminar. Are you going to hire the LOWEST BIDDER to work on people's MINDS? 
—Jay Tee

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