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Hypnotic Seminars

How a Seminar Works

Professor Jay tee comes on stage and makes a short introduction, explaining in a simple way how your mind works. Then, he holds a concentration exhibition for the entire audience's participation, so they can see the power of their own minds.

A few volunteers are invited to learn even more, and a funny demonstration illustrates the main point of the seminar for everyone to see.

The ritual begins!

Each seminar has its own ritual, which the audience uses to go "under" into hypnosis. Jay Tee walks everyone carefully through the proper path in their minds to the goal.

Professor Jay Tee then wakes everyone up, and teaches them how to go back to the same place in their mind all by themselves! 
And he instructs them how to use this new mind-control method, and how often, to achieve the changes they wish to make.
(That's right. This Professor even assigns homework...)

Seminars are 2 hours, but most can be shortened down to 1 hour or 1 1/2 hour if needed. However, the Smoke-Free Program requires 2 hours, and it also costs more than the other ones. Breaking smoking habits is neither fun nor easy.

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