Program Types

Meditation Mystery Experience

In this experience, the entire audience participates in a meditation exercise led by Professor Jay Tee. Then they learn how to return to the same meditative state all by themselves, for future enlightenment in their own home! 

Meditation Mystery is a fun and enlightening blend of a mental training seminar, a workshop, and an enrichment program, and it may be performed in any venue.

Hypnosis Comedy Shows

This almost-traditional comedy hypnosis program is made up of 30 minutes to an hour of hilariously impressive comedy hypnosis routines. There is an overall foundation theme built into each show, which creates continuity between the varied experiences. 

Note: Jay Tee wants his volunteers to be willing to volunteer again in the future, so there will never be any embarrassing or harassing routines; just good, clean fun and honest laughter!

Mental Coaching

Jay Tee is often asked to provide one-on-one and small group mental coaching for performance improvement and habit change. Fees start at US $350 per hour for single-person sessions. Discounts may be available for quantity booking and reasonable considerations. 

Coaching sessions are always provided “live,” either face-to-face or via internet video sessions. All sessions include follow-up email contact and advice. Please feel free to inquire. Professor Jay Tee is located in Kobe, Japan.

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