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Lightning-fast Hypnosis!

Professor Jay Tee

Master Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist, Author, Keynote Speaker, Lecturer, Seminar Leader, Mind Control Expert for over 20 years


Professor Jay Tee is especially useful for bookings in the
Southeast Asia/Oceania area, as he lives in Kobe, Japan. 
Save time and Travel Fees! 

Professor Jay Tee is a self-taught World-class Master Hypnotist with more than 20 years of experience in twisting human minds and improving lives. His outstanding style with “Lightning-fast Hypnosis” instant inductions are a feature of all shows and seminars.

Jay Tee has been developing and using this unique style of hypnosis for therapy and entertainment since 1999. In 2019, he is currently preparing to release his third book on professional hypnosis methods.

Professor Jay Tee (known as the “Lightning-fast Hypnotist”) is renowned for his daring — some say dangerous — experiments on the mind, done in front of live audiences! He regularly performs his famous Themed Hypnosis™ shows on cruise ships and other entertainment venues worldwide.

Professor Jay Tee is 100% self-taught in how to do hypnosis. He is an autodidact, who has never taken a hypnosis course from anyone. He studied hundreds of new and old hypnosis books, and audio and video sources from dozens of places over the years, and he then blended all the things that worked into his own unique hypnosis style. (And it works very well, thank you!)

Jay Tee is fascinated by the human mind and the human brain, and does the best he can to keep up with the rapid pace of new research on both. Experts should always strive to continue to learn, in order to remain experts! He particularly detests those "experts" who simply repeat the same tired old adages, mistakes and intentional untruths that have passed into popular psychology. (Or worse, those who make up their own BS.)

Sorry, Virginia, but there is no "Quantum Mind" or "Universal Consciousness," and the "Secret" is merely wishful thinking without applying the personal effort to go with your wishes. The Universe doesn't care about your wishes or prayers. (But good things will often happen when you actually work for your goals!)

Jay Tee is also very much NOT a member of any of the various competing-for-your-membership-fees hypnosis organizations that now exist. He has no worries about breaking any rules of the (numerous and pointless) hypnosis groups out there nor about violating any unwritten codes embedded by his prior (and nonexistent) instructor gurus.

Experience: More than 80 company seminars (as of 2019), and hundreds of shows on cruise ships and in Japan, America, and Australia over the last 20 years.

And it’s not just all for fun! Jay Tee’s Hypnotic Marvels™ corporate seminars have improved the performance and happiness of employees for more than 80 companies across the USA, in Japan and Australia, and in Southeast Asia, too. Jay Tee also provides therapy for about 1,000 people each year, both to change old, bad habits into new, good skills, and to transform lives in even more powerful ways.

Instant inductions are a centerpiece of Professor Jay Tee shows and seminars.

It takes Jay Tee only 5 to 10 minutes to bring an entire group of volunteers into hypnosis. This makes shorter performances possible.

Jay Tee’s shows range from 30 min to 1.5 hours, and hypnosis demonstrations can last just a few minutes.

Well-known and respected by other world-class hypnotists, Jay Tee has created many variations and improvements on traditional hypnosis methods.

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"Jay Tee is, and has been for a long time, one of the very best Hypnotists in the world. He is generally acknowledged as one of the industry leaders. I have no hesitation recommending him wholeheartedly."
---Anthony Galie, Head of Corporate Training at Pathways Consulting. Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist, Corporate Speaker and Trainer with 30+ years’ experience

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Glowing Reviews

Osaka, Japan
9th May 2015
The audience went wild…even people who spoke no English loved it--they could see what was happening... the show filled the club to bursting, and because of our club's open location, passersby saw what was happening and joined us... finally, people were standing and buying drinks because there was no room left to sit down!
Osaka, Japan
25th March 2017 
We wanted something different for our reception. Within minutes after the start, people were dropping down, and then a bit later our bridesmaids were having a body-building contest! It was a incredibly funny watching girls in beautiful evening gowns acting like tough, macho men, puffing out their chests, swaggering across the floor, and trying to display their strong arm muscles.
Tokyo, Japan
19 May 2017
 We’ve had professional hypnotists on our stage before, so I wasn’t expecting anything special. Was I wrong! Jay Tee put so many people under so quickly! And instead of half of them leaving the stage, he managed to keep a whole stage full of active, participating volunteers, doing crazy fun things, obviously in hypnosis. Everything was great. I know I’m a bit jaded, but his show wowed me. Just, wow!

How Much Does it Cost?

Hypnosis is not something you can become fully proficient at in a very short time. (Although some people will tell you that to sell their one-weekend hypnosis training program...)
So I'll tell you up front—hiring me is probably not in the cards for most people's backyard barbecue or children's birthday party.
I've spent over 20 years building my skills and perfecting my technique. And I believe in charging the proper amount for my time and effort.

You can hire somebody cheaper for entertainment, and get a so-so show with old-time standard skits and weak hypnosis effects. But when you're ready for a GREAT hypnosis show, just come back and hire me. 
The same goes DOUBLE for a mental change seminar. Are you going to hire the LOWEST BIDDER to work on people's MINDS? 
—Jay Tee

My most recent price list is linked here:

Professor Jay Tee Show/Seminar Price List

How can I schedule a seminar or show by Professor Jay Tee?

Contact us at to book a show or seminar, or feel free to ask us any question about hypnosis, hypnotherapy, or Professor Jay Tee's work.

Booking Performances Worldwide

Professor Jay Tee arranges shows, corporate training, and hypnotic seminars worldwide.

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