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Achieve Your Goals and Improve Your Self-Esteem This master-quality audio hypnosis set is carefully designed to help you reprogram your unconscious to both improve your self-esteem and get its full support in achieving your goals, instead of sabotaging them with thoughts of how weak and ineffective you are.
Relaxation/Reduce Stress This outstanding hypnosis set by the famous Professor Jay Tee enables you to let go of your stress while you learn to relax and enjoy life. Your mind will learn how to make you a more relaxed person.Each time you use it, your ability to throw off stress from any source will improve.
Don't worry, be happy!
Trim Your Body This master-quality audio hypnosis set by Master Hypnotist Professor Jay Tee is carefully designed to help you reset your body image to what you wish to become, rather than being stuck with what you have been. This transition will enable you to more easily adjust your weight and maintain a healthy, active body from now on!

Improve your mind, improve your body!
Psychic Awakening The Long-Awaited and Often-Requested Hypnosis Program is Here!

Do you believe in psychic powers? If they are real, then they function as a spiritual aspect of our unconscious minds. And hypnosis is the tool used to reduce, change, adjust, or strengthen any aspect of the unconscious. This powerful program is especially designed to strengthen your connections to the universe and all living things in it. After years of development, practice and adjustment, at long last, here it is—Just for you!
Sleep Well This outstanding audio hypnosis set enables a set of unconscious functions that allow you to forget about your troubles and rest well for the day ahead. Just listen, learn, and then sleep... better than you have in months, or maybe years!
Pleasant Dreams
Joy of Flying This master-quality audio hypnosis set was carefully designed by Master Hypnotist Professor Jay Tee to help you learn to reprogram your mind right in your own home. Reduce unreasoning fear and eliminate senseless worry. Reduce discomfort and increase relaxation while riding and learn to use the safest form of transportation known—the airplane!
Let go your worries and fly high! Travel swiftly in ease and comfort.
Lost Memory Recovery Keeping a secret—from yourself? Find out what it is!
You will learn what truly happened, and then you can choose what to do with the new knowledge. And your life will be complete, once again!
Safe and effective, this Master Quality Audio Hypnosis by the famous "21st Century Hypnotist" will help you recover memories that are missing, even if they have intentionally been hidden by someone else, using drugs or hypnosis!
Don't wonder or worry any longer. Haven't you been ready for this for a long time?

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