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Having been involved with hypnosis for over two decades, Professor Jay Tee, the "Lightning-Fast Hypnotist of Asia," knows what is involved in a great mind change session, and he performs them regularly, for people all around the world.

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Are you like Evan?

Evan couldn't handle the stress at work, lately. He'd made a few minor mistakes, and since then it has felt like the boss is just waiting around every corner; waiting like a wolf, ready to pounce on his next meal.

Now Evan couldn't eat well, and couldn't relax even when he wasn't working—wasn't there some way to just turn off his mind for awhile?
Relaxation/Reduce Stress This outstanding hypnosis enables you to let go of stress, to relax and enjoy life. Properly trained, your mind can make you a more relaxed person. Each time you listen, your ability to throw off stress (from any source) will improve.
Now, only two weeks later, Evan has begun to be able to just let go. And once he began to relax, his work improved, and his boss has stopped hanging around at corners, watching for the next mistake, too.

Or are you more like Anna?

Anna worries too much about how others think about her; so much so that she spends her time obsessed with details that matter very little. She hasn't really been able to think about what to do with her life... It's too hard to figure out what she has to do this week!
Achieve Your Goals and Improve Your Self-Esteem This master-quality audio hypnosis set is carefully designed to help you reprogram your unconscious to both improve your self-esteem and get its full support in achieving your goals, instead of sabotaging them with thoughts of how weak and ineffective you are.

Now, Anna has begun to think about where she would like to be in the future. She doesn't have every detail plotted, but that's okay—because the map in her head is now guiding her in the right direction!
No matter what twists and turns show up in life, her new mental compass will lead her closer to her new goals. 

Are you like Jeanine, perhaps?

Jeanine can't seem to keep her weight down. Every diet she has tried works... for awhile. But at some point, she "loses it" to her sweet tooth, and she finds herself quickly climbing the scale back up to her original size. Can she ever lose weight, and keep it off for good?
Trim Your Body This master-quality audio hypnosis set by Master Hypnotist Professor Jay Tee is carefully designed to help you reset your body image to what you wish to become, rather than being stuck with what you have been. This transition will enable you to more easily adjust your weight and maintain a healthy, active body from now on!

Jeanine is enjoying the beach with her boyfriend, one month later. Although she lost some weight, she hasn't reached her personal goal yet. But her extreme craving for sweet food has simply gone away. And, she feels more comfortable showing herself in a public place.
She has developed a strong mental image of just what she will look like when she reaches her goal, too—and she knows she'll be able to maintain her chosen look with only a little effort.

Are you a psychic? Would you like to be one?

Would you like to strengthen your psychic powers?
(Or are
 you a skeptic? Try this as an experiment. If you succeed in activating you hidden talents, it might change your mind!)
Psychic Awakening The Long-Awaited and Often-Requested Hypnosis Program is Finally Ready!
Do you believe in psychic powers? If they are real, then they function as a spiritual aspect of our unconscious minds. Hypnosis is the tool used to reduce, change, adjust, or strengthen any aspect of the unconscious.
This audio hypnosis program is designed to activate and/or strengthen any psychic talents you may possess, whether you know about them or not!

This powerful program strengthens your connections to the universe and all living things in it. After years of development, practice and adjustment, here it is—just for you!

Do you sleep as well as a cat?

Cats are a great example for us poor humans—they can sleep anywhere almost instantly, and awake refreshed and ready to play.
Sleep Well This outstanding audio hypnosis set enables a set of unconscious functions that allow you to forget about your troubles and rest well for the day ahead. Just listen, learn, and then sleep... better than you have in months, or maybe years!

Don't believe airplanes are a good way to travel?

Ben would not have stepped on an airplane for the world, but...
His CEO had already warned him: taking the promotion to sales executive would mean monthly flights to different customers across the country. There simply wasn't time to drive or fly to each. 

And besides, if Ben decided he couldn't handle this job, there were two others in the office who would certainly enjoy the higher pay and better benefits...
Joy of Flying This master-quality audio hypnosis set will reprogram your mind right in your own home.
  • Reduce unreasoning fear and eliminate senseless worry
  • Reduce discomfort and increase relaxation
  • Learn to use the safest form of transportation known—the airplane!
  • Let go your worries and fly high!
  • Travel swiftly in ease and comfort

Ben smiled at his bank account as he verified his just-deposited salary. The new sales job was easier than he had thought, and he was actually beginning to enjoy his travels. And the money was very nice, too.
For their next vacation, he is going to suggest flying to Hawaii for a week.
His wife Liz might not believe it, though!

Ever feel you had an unusual experience, but you just can't get a handle on that memory?

Keeping a secret—from yourself? Find out what it is!
Learn what truly happened, and then you can choose what to do with the new knowledge.
Lost Memory Recovery
Make your life complete again.
Safe and effective, this Master Quality Audio Hypnosis recovers memories that are missing from recall, even those intentionally hidden by drugs or hypnosis!

Don't wonder or worry any longer. You have been ready to find out for a very long time, have you not?

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