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March 2018
Stealth Mind Control—How Professor Jay Tee Improves Others, Without Letting Them Know
Secretly tweaking minds for their own good!

An Amazing New Kind of Hypnosis Show by Professor Jay Tee

A breakthrough in hypnosis technique by the “21st Century Hypnotist” enables him to create a fantastic, totally new form of hypnosis stage entertainment.

December 2017
Christmas Carol Madness — and how to stop it
Learn how to save your mind from the incessant blaring of Christmas carols at this time of year.

November 2017
Astounding New Hypnotic Seminar Is Liberating Women’s Minds

“The Power of Feminine Sensuality,” A New Hypnotic Seminar by Professor Jay Tee
Our new women's seminar uses Feminine Sensuality as an amazing source of power and change.

Apr 2017
My new, master-quality Audio Hypnosis line has been released.

Apr 9th
And here are some to help those who need to chill out in life!
Master Quality Audio Hypnosis Will Change Your Life. Professor Jay Tee Shares his Expertise

Apr 8th
Psyching up the psychic in you... literally!
Increase Your Psychic Awareness with Hypnosis? Professor Jay Tee Shows You How.

Feb 2017
Getting ready to help companies bring in more GREEN!
Let Professor Jay Tee Bring More Green to Your Company this St. Patrick's Day

Jan 2017
My interview about Aikinosis—the Ideal Way to Transform Bad Habits into good ones—is now in the Huffington Post!
Announcing a new way to Keep New Year's Resolutions Working

WOW! My recent interview on Aikinosis™ was picked up by the news services.
Lots of them.
ALL the major networks shown above carried the story!

Here's a link to an NBC page:

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