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Professor Jay Tee's Online Hypnotherapy

Powerful, Professional Online Personal Hypnotherapy from a renowned master hypnotist -- right from the comfort and safety of your own home! 

This method is more effective than face-to-face therapy sessions, because of the intimate, yet comfortable setting... you feel safe and comfortable making changes right in your own home.

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Online Hypnotherapy now only
$349.99 for your Single-session Fix!

For even the toughest issues (>99%), you only need ONE session! 

A hypnotic session lasts approximately one hour, or a little longer.
(PLEASE NOTE: Two hours is required for Smoke-Free sessions, at a different rate.)Jump to Scheduling Calendar Now!

Online Hypnotherapy, General

Book this program for anything EXCEPT Smoke-free, below.

Counseling plus up to one hour of Powerful ONLINE Hypnosis by the 21st Century Hypnotist! Please tell us your main purpose/concern in the "Comments" section while reserving on the Scheduling Calendar.

Smoke-Free Online Program

A new tobacco-free life! No cravings, no withdrawal symptoms, and no weight gain. Quit tobacco forever with this TWO-hour Powerful Hypnosis Blast!
Hypnosis has been proven in numerous studies to be more effective than patches, tapering off, e-cigarettes, or going cold-turkey. 
GUARANTEED that you will quit smoking.
BOOK NOW to become a Non-smoker for Life!
Professor Jay Tee is THE EXPERT on hypnosis tobacco cessation!

Live a longer, better, more healthy life starting today! It really works! Join nearly 600 satisfied quitters! 
PLEASE NOTE: Two full hours is required for Smoke-Free sessions. 

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How can I improve my life with hypnosis?

Commonly requested changes: 

Bikini Body—Online Weight-loss Hypnosis
Weight bouncing up and down as diets first work and then fail? 
No longer! EAT LESS and feel MORE SATISFIED to lose your Flab with Powerful ONLINE Hypnosis. 
No cravings, no suffering! Just constant weight loss while eating well and feeling satisfied, until you reach your target size.

Anxiety Eraser—Lose your Stress and Worry forever
Sleep like a baby after learning to let those worries and tensions melt away from your mind and body. This is Professor Jay Tee's Most Popular Program!
Includes self-hypnosis training and a BONUS quick-acting method to Calm Yourself in any tight situation. You will learn what to do to become--and remain--calm, cool, and collected under pressure. 

Personal Power Online—Boost Charisma and Confidence
The different parts of your own mind will learn to cooperate and coordinate their actions to achieve your conscious goals, instead of opposing you by having their own unconscious goals.

  • See yourself handling Tough Situations with strength and poise
  • Let your Stress and Tension just melt away!
  • Feel Personal Charisma and Confidence growing
  • Hear others being amazed by  your fantastic changes
  • Free your Mind from the shackles of undue Pressure
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Open New Mental Doorways—Boost Creativity and Success
Wake up those Creative Pathways that are slumbering in your powerful mind. Get them walking around inside of you and searching for New Doorways.
Expand and extend your creative powers, and build a new future. Crack Open those Sealed Gateways! Force Open those Barred Windows! Grab the Bolted Barriers of your Imagination and Tear Them Open NOW! Don't hesitate one moment longer.

Confidence-booster Program—Boost Self-esteem & Public Confidence
Increase your confidence and self-esteem. Find yourself ready to "step up" and do those things you were most scared of: talking at meetings, doing public speaking, and more. And you will continue to progress well after the session, too: this session includes BONUS Self-hypnosis training that allows you to make continued improvements at home! 

Phobia Cure—Lose your Irrational fears
Increase your confidence and self-esteem. Find yourself ready to "step up" and do those things you were most scared of: talking at meetings, doing public speaking, and more. And you will continue to progress well after the session, too: this session includes BONUS Self-hypnosis training that allows you to make continued improvements at home! 

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Medical Procedure Preparation—Avoid pain and worry, and reduce complications
For people who will be having a medical/dental procedure that may make them feel uncomfortable. You will learn to feel relaxed, calm and accepting in the situation, no matter how worried you are right now.Discomfort or pain will be reduced, often to zero!
Please mention the type of procedure you will be undergoing in the "comment" section, so that Professor Jay Tee can prepare specifically for your needs! (example: Dental surgery, In-Vitro Fertilization egg extraction, breast lump removal, etc.)

Pain Reduction—Get your life back from the misery
For treating Chronic (ongoing) pain and discomfort resulting from various conditions. Please book your session ONLY after you have seen a medical doctor about physical causes of your pain! But even if there is a physical cause, this training will help you to USE YOUR MIND to reduce pain, instead of relying 100% on medicines. Many clients report reduced use of narcotics, increased clarity of thought and improved life quality as a result.With this procedure, discomfort or pain will be reduced, to zero or nearly zero! Professor Jay Tee has had Migraine sufferers report a complete improvement in their lifestyle as a result of a single session!

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Sports Performance Excellence—Do what you already do well, even BETTER
It's true! PRIZEWINNING top-level athletes already know that controlling YOUR MIND IS KEY to controlling your INTERNAL STATE and achieving GOLD MEDAL performance. Learn to BOOST PERFORMANCE of your MIND AND BODY to achieve your goals. Complete with self-hypnosis training that enables you to continue building improvements on your own after the session.

Want to be a WINNER? Want to BREAK THROUGH that final resistance? This is how to reach your goals.

Business Management Excellence—Manage your business more effectively
Top executives know that most business problems are found within the minds of the people involved. Your mind can be adapted into a tool that excels at overcoming difficulties.

UNLOCK the hidden organizational and interpersonal skills you already have, and get on the correct path to STRENGTHEN them even more over time! Become a top-performing executive and develop the positive mental state to help others achieve their best, too.
Complete with self-hypnosis exercises to continue building improvements on your own after the session.

Make your successful life even MORE successful. 

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Memory Recovery—Find out what REALLY happened!
Recover memories that have been repressed (or are being actively blocked) from access. Such amnesia (creation of hidden memories) can be often spontaneously caused by extremely stressful life events. Each memory recovery session uses special mental techniques to "block out" your feelings and emotions to prevent additional trauma. 
(i.e. You will remember, but not suffer as a result of remembering.)
Amnesia may also be caused by previous hypnotic tampering. The techniques Professor Jay Tee uses will overcome any internal mental conditioning, even if intentionally placed to prevent recall. (Even if the mind was tampered with to prevent hypnosis!) 
Professor Jay Tee's special methods allow the recovery of real memories without causing you to create non-real memories to satisfy suggestions. Recall real memories, not some fantasy! 
DO NOT undergo this procedure for any purpose other than recovering the truth for yourself! LEGAL NOTE: in some areas, undergoing any hypnosis process may cause the subject's testimony to be disallowed in any court cases, whether related or non-related to the issue being explored. 
Get your memories back! Get your life back! Learn the TRUTH! 

Psychic Awakening—Bring forth your deeper mind
By Popular Request, a hypnotic method of awakening the slumbering psychic powers of your own mind! Many people who have attended hypnosis seminars report amazing psychic events occurring to them immediately thereafter. Those people have requested this process to be made publicly available. 
They have talked about extremes of synchronicity and unusual, possibly psychic events that stretch Jay Tee's scientific mind to deny. 
Perhaps there is something to it after all?
Unlike the Professor's earlier seminars, these purposely designed to tap into the Deeper Mind and allow it to begin awakening your own unique powers and abilities. What fantastic tasks can your mind learn to accomplish? 

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Hypnotic Birth Preparedness—Reduce pain & worry while building confidence!
As you come to fully understand how your body and mind work together during the experience, your confidence and capacity for self-control will grow. By allowing the hypnotic training to grow within you, and by utilizing the simple self-hypnosis methods (included FREE as part of this session), you will be able spend the rest of your pregnancy preparing for a stress-free, worry-free, painless or reduced-pain welcoming of the little one!
Good for you, good for the child. and even good for your mate! As your worry, fear and strain decrease, the strains on your relationship will be released as well. 

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NOTE: Many programs may be scheduled as an in-person seminar for twenty or more. Seminar schedulers may also qualify for affiliate status. Please inquire at to get a quote for your group.
Use Professor Jay Tee's Scheduling Calendar below and book your next session right now! Click the blue "Next Page" button to start.

Free Your Mind, and Change Your Body;

Change Your Mind and Find Yourself
An unsolicited testimonial from a happy client:
Hello Jay,
I've been meaning to touch base with you since our return from Singapore (we had 4 extra nights) [after the Royal Caribbean cruise in which I hypnotized her] and reading your email gave me the prompt to do that.
I have been going really well since our hypnosis session on the ship and came home from the cruise/holiday 1.3 kilos lighter than when I left! This has never happened to me before and typically when I return from a holiday of any type (but especially a cruise) I have seen anything from a 2-5 kilo GAIN!
I'm going very well and although occasionally feel hungry, it is a sensation that I don't feel the desperate need to do anything about right there and then, often, I get busy with something else and it passes.
Having said that I am having 3 meals a day (I used to frequently skip lunch and be ravenous and snack about 5 pm then have a big dinner at 7 pm) but having smaller portions and I'm feeling satisfied.
Since my return (10 days now on terra Australis) I have seen only a moderate loss of 0.6 kilo and whilst a little discouraged on one hand, I have felt loosening in my clothes that were previously uncomfortable. I feel very positive.
Thank you for helping me to have the confidence to achieve my goal of 70 kilos, size 12! I have begun an exciting journey of success.
kind regards,

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