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FAQ about booking Professor Jay Tee

Which language is your show in?

Our shows and seminars are in English, but hypnotic subjects don't need much English at all. As long as they understand and follow basic instructions, we can make a great show.

With help from non-professional native speakers interpreting, we've had successful shows and seminars for Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese speakers.

What is your home base?

We live near Osaka, Japan, and usually fly from Kansai International Airport (KIX). We also take domestic air to Narita (NRT) or Haneda (HND) and transfer to an international connection. We can get almost anywhere that way, and we will go anywhere you need us.

How long can you travel away from home?

We have no restrictions on travel time, distance, or the length of time we spend out performing.

Do you perform/ travel alone?

Our company is just two persons at the moment.
My wife is my necessary offstage assistant (but sometimes she also interprets for Japanese shows).
Naturally, we share one cruise cabin or one hotel room.

Contact us directly at to have us make a quote for you. 
Please remember, if you prefer to deal with an established entertainment agent, we will connect you to one of our agents.

Will hypnosis work for anyone?

It is often said that only a few people can be hypnotized. This is incorrect.
Anyone of normal intelligence, with the ability to visualize or imagine can be hypnotized. Hypnosis is a normal state of mind, which we use for many purposes, while processing information internally.
In therapy or in a hypnosis show, the hypnotist will "switch on" this state of mind in the subjects participating. Their hypnotic state is then utilized for making helpful changes and hilarious entertainment.

However, it is true that hypnosis is a learned skill, not an inborn talent! People get better at it each time they go into hypnosis. Some people are using hypnosis to do things in their everyday life and don't even know it!
These are the people who are "easy to hypnotize" and who respond well to suggestions that they accept. They just have had more practice at doing hypnosis by themselves than most people.

Is hypnosis mind control?

Many hypnotists like to reassure people by telling them that hypnosis is not mind control, and that you won't do anything under hypnosis that you can't do with the normal waking mind. This is untrue.

If you won't do anything different in hypnosis, then what function does it have? If you can't stop smoking by yourself, I can definitely help you stop smoking with hypnosis. If you have trouble losing weight and getting fit by yourself, I can help you with hypnosis.

What hypnotists really mean to say is that you won't do anything that goes outside your normal moral or ethical boundaries while under hypnosis. And this is true. If a hypnotist asks you to do something that violates your moral or ethical standards you will simply wake up out of hypnosis and refuse to follow the suggestions.

So, yes, hypnosis is mind control. But no, it can't make you do bad things against your will.

Are there any dangers in hypnosis?

The hypnotic state has few dangers. We go in and out of hypnotic states on our own all the time. However there are certain people who should not utilize hypnosis for therapy or entertainment, as it may exacerbate already existing conditions. Some of the people affected may not know this!

But it's all right. Professor Jay Tee knows how to recognize the people who are so affected as they are just entering hypnosis. He will then bring them out of hypnosis safely, and return them to their normal state, allowing them to merely observe the show or seminar rather than participating directly in the hypnotic portion.

How does a Themed Hypnosis™ show work?

Professor Jay Tee's Themed Hypnosis™ shows have been carefully developed to lead volunteers from ordinary waking states into a special hypnotic state. Based on the theme chosen, volunteers become actors and are given certain roles that they must play. They are led to believe 100% that they are in a completely new environment, and that they are new people.

A hilarious, totally ad-lib, script-free drama/comedy show results, as no one knows exactly how the people will respond to the situation or what they will say—not even themselves!

Why are Professor Jay Tee's hypnotic seminars so effective?

In a typical motivational seminar, the speaker will lecturer at length on a topic. The audience listens politely, thinks about the material consciously, and then makes little or no effort to make changes using the information given. The unconscious is not involved, even though it is the most powerful part of the mind!

In a Professor Jay Tee hypnotic seminar, Jay Tee also lectures on the chosen topic. However, carefully spoken within this lecture are hypnotic keywords and embedded commands. A hypnotic demo is given to a few of the seminar attendees, and the often amazing and dramatic effects of hypnosis are shown.

At the same time, certain triggers are implanted which will cause the remainder the audience to incorporate the teachings into their unconscious minds, and to express them naturally in the proper situations. As a result, positive changes occur without effort in a large number of the seminar attendees.

How can I schedule a seminar or show by Professor Jay Tee?

Contact us via when you are ready to schedule an amazing show or seminar.

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