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FAQ about Professor Jay Tee

Performer Introduction:

Stage Name: Professor Jay Tee

Nationality: USA

Activity: Professional hypnotist and hypnotherapist

Age: Born in 1964

Height: 177cm

Weight: 83kg

Languages: English, Japanese, bad Spanish, terrible German

Meet Professor Jay Tee, the "Lightning-fast Hypnotist of Asia." He is the only professional entertainment hypnotist in the East Asia area (we live in Japan).
Jay Tee has been involved with hypnosis for more than 20 years, and does Hypnosis shows aboard cruise ships and on land. He also provides seminars and corporate entertainment, and has given shows and seminars for more than 60 companies across Asia, the USA and Australia.

We do headline hypnosis shows and seminars in both English and Japanese. Our shows are also easily interpreted, to perform for people who speak any language.

We've already done shows or seminars for people who speak Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Tagalog and German through a local, non-professional volunteer interpreter. And their shows went great.

Please view my show demo here: Demo Video, 7 minutes.
It will only take about 7 minutes of your time to watch. It has mixed clips from a number of my comedy shows and hypnosis demonstrations.
Learn More and Book Your Show!

Professor Jay Tee is seeking agents and contacts to expand our business. We are especially interested in increasing cruise ship performances and China-booked shows/seminars.

Cruises coming to Asia are increasing every year! Major cruise lines Royal Caribbean, Costa, Princess, Star and Norwegian already stop here regularly.

Our nearest major airport is KIX, Kansai International Airport. That's where we travel from to go on cruises and international shows.

Thinking about booking us, but you’re not sure? Here is an online folder with all kinds of information to help you:
Online Documents Folder

There's a Price List, Seminar and Show Descriptions, and more. Take a peek!
The Most Important Document in the folder is probably our Technical Rider, which has information about Stage And Sound Setup, Travel Requirements, and more. Link is here:
Technical Rider

Please ask us for any other information you might need, by contacting

Professor Jay Tee, the "Lightning-Fast Hypnotist of Asia" is an autodidactic (self-taught) World-class Master Hypnotist with over 20 years of experience in twisting human minds and improving lives. His outstanding style with instant “Lightning-fast Hypnosis” inductions are a feature of all shows and seminars. He takes an entire group of volunteers into hypnosis in just a few minutes! This leaves much more time for the fun parts. 

Jay Tee has been developing and using his own unique style of hypnosis for therapy and entertainment since 1999. As of spring 2019, he is finishing and preparing to release his third book on hypnosis methods. He continues to perform shows and seminars in Japan, Asia, and taking trips worldwide on cruise ships and to other venues.

A minimum of 45 minutes is needed to fully develop and program actors to become the characters used in the full Themed Hypnosis™ dramas. Shorter shows with simpler effects are also available, the Mind Bending Demonstrations™, that last from 20 to 30 minutes.

  • Your audiences will be enthralled to experience the amazing powers found within their own minds!
  • Amazing instant inductions shock the viewers as their volunteer friends and family drop—instantly—deep down into hypnosis!
  • Professor Jay Tee's decades of experience with hypnosis ensures that audience volunteers will have an astounding, yet perfectly safe experience that still blows their minds!

Experience: More than 80 company seminars (as of 2019), and hundreds of shows on cruise ships and in Japan, America and Australia over the last 20 years.

Language of show:

Our shows and seminars are given in English, but hypnotic subjects don't need much English at all. We perform easily with an interpreter, too. Jay Tee has a lot of experience in this. We either use an interpreter who comes with us, or we can use someone local to each area.

Our interpreters don't need to be of professional level! Just ordinary conversational level in English is fine, but high-level or native in the other language is best.


We live in Kobe, Japan, so the local International airport for me is Osaka International Airport (Airport code: KIX). 
Please make all tickets round-trip to and from KIX.
(We  can also travel from from Narita Airport (Code: NRT), but in that case please add a domestic connection from Kobe Airport (Code: UKB) to NRT.
That's the cheapest and best way.)

How long can you travel away from home?
We have no restrictions on travel time, distance, or the length of time we spend away performing.

Do you perform/ travel alone?
Our company is two persons at the moment. My wife is my necessary offstage assistant (and she may also interpret for Japanese shows), but sometimes she cannot come along due to illness. Wee share one cruise cabin/hotel room when traveling together.

Required Equipment:

On Stage Equipment:
(Our Technical Rider has more complete information about Stage And Sound Setup, Travel Requirements, and more. Link is here: Technical Rider)

Jay Tee carries music/intro on an Android tablet, and will usually bring a flashing LED light, and crystal necklace, and sometimes a brass bell.

He has no large displays or special equipment to transport. No extra baggage allotment necessary.

Standard stage lighting is fine, spotlight nice but optional.  Super-duper lighting displays are really nice, but don't really affect what happens in the shows.

Hypnosis shows require a decent local sound system. If the venue has a wireless transmitter for Jay Tee with clip-on mic or head-mounted mic, and a 3.5mm input line to take and play music from an Android tablet, that is perfect.
(But if we bring our own wireless microphone set, the local system also needs to take a second 3.5mm input line from it! Otherwise we can hear music OR voice, but not both.)

Contact us directly at to have us make a quote for you. If you prefer to deal with an established entertainment agent, we will connect you to one of our agents.

Previous Clients

More than 80 corporate clients repeatedly served, based in the USA, Japan, and Australia. Many more bars, nightclubs, etc.

Due to the unusual nature of hypnosis, and the sometimes negative nature of it's reputation, some companies worry about others finding out too much. However, it is acceptable to state merely that the following companies have had employees hypnotized by Professor Jay Tee, individually or in corporate group activities.

Yanmar, Osaka, Japan
Toray, Mishima, Japan
Fujitec, Maibara, Japan
Xacti, Osaka, Japan
Uniqlo, Kobe, Japan
Eli Lilly & Company Pharmaceuticals, Kobe, Japan
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Hyogo, Japan
Canon, Aichi prefecture, Japan
Proctor & Gamble, Kobe, Japan
Toyota Motors, Aichi prefecture, Japan
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Takasago, Japan
Mitsubishi Electric, Wadamisaki, Japan
Rakuten, Osaka, Japan
Hitachi , Osaka, Japan
Japan & China Marine, Kobe Motomachi, Japan
Riken Medical Research, Kobe, Japan
Nestle Japan, Kobe, Japan
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Osaka, Japan
Caterpillar Japan, Tokyo, Japan
Tektronix, Kobe, Japan
Daimaru, Kobe, Japan
Bridgestone, Kobe, Japan
Mizuho Bank, Kobe, Japan
Macquarie Japan, Osaka, Japan
Many more not listed, or not list-able due to confidentiality agreements.

Ghost Ultra Lounge, Osaka
Bar Iznt, Kobe
Royal Club, Manila
Canvas Nightclub, Singapore
Bar Alchemy, Kobe
Valkyrie Nightclub, Manila
Club Piccadilly, Osaka
Mask 51, Singapore
Odeon Nightclub, Tokyo
Marquee the Star (private event), Sydney
Circus Nightclub, Tokyo
International Bar 1134, Kobe

And many more not listed.

Will hypnosis work for anyone?

It is often said that only a few people can be hypnotized. This is incorrect.

Anyone of normal intelligence, with the ability to visualize or imagine can be hypnotized. Hypnosis is a normal state of mind, which we use for many purposes, while processing information internally.

In therapy or in a hypnosis show, the hypnotist will "switch on" this state of mind in the subjects participating. Their hypnotic state is then utilized for making helpful changes and hilarious entertainment.

However, it is true that hypnosis is a learned skill, not an inborn talent! People get better at it each time they go into hypnosis. Some people are using hypnosis to do things in their everyday life and don't even know it!

These are the people who are "easy to hypnotize" and who respond well to suggestions that they accept. They just have had more practice at doing hypnosis by themselves than most people.

Is hypnosis mind control?

Many hypnotists like to reassure people by telling them that hypnosis is not mind control, and that you won't do anything under hypnosis that you can't do with the normal waking mind. This is untrue.

If you won't do anything different in hypnosis, then what function does it have? If you can't stop smoking by yourself, I can definitely help you stop smoking with hypnosis. If you have trouble losing weight and getting fit by yourself, I can help you with hypnosis.

What hypnotists really mean to say is that you won't do anything that goes outside your normal moral or ethical boundaries while under hypnosis. And this is true. If a hypnotist asks you to do something that violates your moral or ethical standards you will simply wake up out of hypnosis and refuse to follow the suggestions.

So, yes, hypnosis is mind control. But no, it can't make you do bad things against your own strongly held morals.

Are there any dangers in hypnosis?

The hypnotic state has few dangers. We go in and out of hypnotic states on our own all the time. However there are certain people who should not utilize hypnosis for therapy or entertainment, as it may exacerbate already existing conditions. Some of the people affected may not know this!

But it's all right. Professor Jay Tee knows how to recognize people who are so affected as they are entering hypnosis. He will then bring them out of hypnosis safely, return them to their normal state, and allow them to merely observe the show/seminar safely rather than participating directly.

Why are Professor Jay Tee's hypnotic seminars so effective?

Happy Corporate Clients!

ZAPPED Seminar Attendees!

In a typical motivational seminar, the speaker will lecture at length on a topic.

The audience listens politely, thinks about the material consciously, and then makes little or no effort to make changes using the information given. The unconscious is not involved, even though it is the most powerful part of the mind!

In a Professor Jay Tee hypnotic seminar, Jay Tee also lectures on the chosen topic. However, carefully spoken within this lecture are hypnotic keywords and embedded commands. A hypnotic demo is given to a few of the seminar attendees, and the often amazing and dramatic effects of hypnosis are shown.

At the same time, certain triggers are implanted which will cause the remainder the audience to incorporate the teachings into their unconscious minds, and to express them naturally in the proper situations. As a result, positive changes occur without effort in a large number of the seminar attendees.

How Much Does it Cost?

Hypnosis is not something you can become fully proficient at in a very short time. (Although some people will tell you that to sell their one-weekend hypnosis training program...)
So I'll tell you up front—hiring me is probably not in the cards for most people's backyard barbecue or children's birthday party. I've spent over 20 years building my skills and perfecting my technique. And I believe in charging the proper amount for my time and effort.

You can hire somebody cheaper for entertainment, and get a so-so show with old-time standard skits and weak hypnosis effects. But when you're ready for a GREAT hypnosis show, just come back and hire me. 
The same goes DOUBLE for a mental change seminar. Are you going to hire the LOWEST BIDDER to work on people's MINDS? 
—Jay Tee

My most recent price list is linked here:

Professor Jay Tee Show/Seminar Price List

How can I schedule a seminar or show by Professor Jay Tee?

Contact us at to book a show or seminar, or feel free to ask us any question about hypnosis, hypnotherapy, or Professor Jay Tee's work.

If it seems like something everyone should know, we'll add our answer to this FAQ page, too!

Legal Stuff

Privacy Policy:

We don't share your info with anyone else, or sell it, and do our darnedest not to lose it or let some jerk hack it from our computers. But we don't promise it, as we aren't computer geeks.
This is more than those fancy lawyer-written privacy policies give you, anyhow.

Refund Policy:

Refunds on Shows or seminars:
Only for performer non-appearance on confirmed-by-email booking date.

All deposits on any performance is considered to be a non-refundable booking fee. These deposits are never refunded for any cancellations made by a client. Such deposits may be forwarded to cover a future, promptly rescheduled booking date, at Professor Jay Tee's sole discretion.

Refunds on Audio Hypnosis Downloads: None
Refunds on Audio Hypnosis Cds: None
Refunds on Online Hypnotherapy: None
Refunds on Smoke-Free Online Program: None. However, see below.*

Guarantee Policy:

Anybody who guarantees your success/results in anything is really scamming you into buying. Please read why:

We can't (and don't) guarantee your results for the same reason all other true professionals don't. You are paying us to use our time and skills to attempt to do something for you, and we are providing our best effort on your behalf. We cannot control what happens after that. Many external factors come into play, including your own willingness to achieve what you said you wanted.

Simply put, you are not paying for results, because we can't guarantee your results. Especially in the case of hypnosis, your willing cooperation and effort are partly responsible for making those results happen. If you don't want success, you won't get it. But you won't get your money back from us, either, as long as we did our part.

Whenever Professor Jay Tee serves you personally, you are paying for his time and effort to help you, just as with any other professional, such as a doctor, lawyer, architect, etc.

Don't think our policies are fair? Go ask a lawyer to guarantee you will win a case, and to return all his expense fees if you don't... Follow up by asking your doctor to return his full fee if you don't get better quickly. But be prepared for laughter, either directly at you, or behind your back.

However, with the *Smoke-Free Online Program only, we guarantee a free followup session, once, to reactivate the client's new nonsmoking habits, if they restarted tobacco within six months of their first therapy session date. Since there are thousands of possible triggering methods, we may have missed one of yours. And we hate smoking. So, we are committed to giving you a second chance for free. (Your free followup session must be booked within nine months of your first session date.)

Policy Policy:

Legal, schmeagal. Yeah, I hate legal talk, too. I prefer one-on-one client relationships, or those excellent secondary ones that often run through my agents.

If you still don't understand all this complicated language, email us at

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