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More than 60 corporate clients repeatedly served, based in the USA, Japan, and Australia. 
Many more bars, nightclubs, etc. 
Due to the unusual nature of hypnosis, and the sometimes negative nature of it's reputation, some companies worry about others finding out too much. However, it is acceptable to state merely that the following companies have had employees hypnotized by Professor Jay Tee, individually or in corporate group activities.


Yanmar, Osaka, Japan
Toray, Mishima, Japan
Fujitec, Maibara, Japan
Xacti, Osaka, Japan
Uniqlo, Kobe, Japan
Eli Lilly & Company Pharmaceuticals, Kobe, Japan
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Hyogo, Japan
Canon, Aichi prefecture, Japan
Proctor & Gamble, Kobe, Japan
Toyota Motors, Aichi prefecture, Japan
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Takasago, Japan
Mitsubishi Electric, Wadamisaki, Japan
Rakuten, Osaka, Japan
Hitachi , Osaka, Japan
Japan & China Marine, Kobe Motomachi, Japan
Riken Medical Research, Kobe, Japan
Nestle Japan, Kobe, Japan
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Osaka, Japan
Caterpillar Japan, Tokyo, Japan
Tektronix, Kobe, Japan
Daimaru, Kobe, Japan
Bridgestone, Kobe, Japan
Mizuho Bank, Kobe, Japan
Macquarie Japan, Osaka, Japan
Many more not listed, or not list-able due to confidentiality agreements.


Ghost Ultra Lounge, Osaka
Bar Iznt, Kobe
Royal Club, Manila
Canvas Nightclub, Singapore
Bar Alchemy, Kobe
Valkyrie Nightclub, Manila
Club Piccadilly, Osaka
Mask 51, Singapore
Odeon Nightclub, Tokyo
Marquee the Star (private event), Sydney
Circus Nightclub, Tokyo
International Bar 1134, Kobe
And many more not listed.

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