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Saturday, 21 March 2020

PJT Hypnosis Webinar Series coming soon

We'll be offering some new webinars soon about hypnosis.
There will be some FREE webinars about the basics of hypnosis, and more advanced ones will be custom-made especially for those who support Professor Jay Tee on Patreon. (

Our webinars will be offered using Cisco WebEx, which means that YOU DON'T need to download anything to participate, and we can have up to 100 people online together. I'll share a link and give you the time, and you can join us with any internet browser.

Also, with WebEx I'll be able to select up to 5 people at a time to be onscreen WITH me, so we can actually do some hypnosis activities LIVE onscreen.

Please let us know if there are particular mind topics YOU would like discussed, or hypnosis techniques YOU would like to see demonstrated during the webinars. Other hypnotists are welcome to join me and have fun with people's minds, too.


Jay Tee

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