Monday, 24 June 2019

Meet Professor Jay Tee in Japan

Hello, this is Professor Jay Tee.
As you may know, I live in Kobe, Japan, and I also travel several times weekly to nearby Osaka. From here, it's also easy to jump on a train to nearby Kyoto.

Since I love to work one-on-one with small groups, I have begun offering Experiences (one-of-a-kind special tours and activities) this year in ALL THREE cities.

Many of my Experiences include hypnosis or meditation. But there are also some non-hypnotic ones, like where I take you Ghost Hunting in Kobe!
Find out now if you have the "right stuff" to be a ghost hunter...

My Experience prices are being kept low for now, so book your Experience(s) as soon as you can to take advantage of such great offers! Once we start getting busy, the prices will probably go up.

More Experiences will be made available as people's preferences become clear (through market surveys, etc).
If you have a concept idea for an Experience that you would like us to provide in Japan (hypnotic or not), pitch it straight to me at:

Find out more about all of our current Experiences at this link: 

Kobe, Kyoto and Osaka Experiences with Professor Jay Tee

I look forward to meeting you, and your friends or family!

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