Thursday, 6 June 2019

Meditation, or Mind Control?

In the Seats

The bronze bell sounds again *Ding!* , and the softly-ringing tones seem to carry on almost forever... You mind melts gently and the sound takes all your cares away. Your body fades away, forgotten. The gentle, rhythmic voice insists that you think of nothing, and merely allow yourself to enjoy the feeling, while going deeper inside...*Ding!*

Relaxing in your seat feels good, and deeply feels even better, the conscious mind thinks, fading more quickly each time it hears the pleasant sound. The bell rings once again, but its chime seems very distant. Everything is fading into the distance, vaporizing into unimportance. All that remains is Comfort, Happiness, and Peace.*Ding!*

A moment of awareness, but your muscles have turned into soft, warm putty, your body seems unable to move, and you can't care about that at all. A safe, warm, cuddliness surrounds you. Under the increasing mental fog, troubling thoughts sink into obscurity. And now, the chime and the teasingly soft voice are everything... the world can take care of itself, for everything will be All Right now. *Ding!*

On the Stage

Most of the hundreds of participants are already slumped in their seats, unaware of any discomfort, uncaring of any distraction. When a waiter accidentally slams a door once, not one even twitches; their minds are gone far away from this hall.

I finish with the bell, but my voice leads them ever deeper, as I begin to walk up and down all through the aisles, encouraging, softly cajoling and guiding the slightly reluctant or slightly too-tense. It's a five-minute stroll, with many stops to touch shoulders, look into drooping eyes, and tip heads down. Finally, I loop back around and climb the steps onto the stage again.

It looks like someone sprayed Sleeping Gas into the hall, and everyone passed out where they were sitting.

Less than one in a hundred are still awake, still aware, and staring at me like I'm a sorceror, stunned by the reactions of all the other people. But there's nothing wrong with those who haven't "gone under." They are simply not willing to do so today, that's all. I allow them to remain as they are, as half-believing witnesses.

Part I, the Meditation portion of the participatory show, is now complete; the audience is deep in a meditative/hypnotic state. But now they are ready to receive suggestions that will help them to change and improve their lives.

It's time for Part II... Reprogramming!

The above describes a recent session of Professor Jay Tee's Meditation Mystery. The entire audience participated in an exciting and useful exploration of the power of Guided Meditation and the Mystery of the Mind. 

Based on the latest neuroscience research and experiments, this cutting-edge show educates and entertains anywhere from a hundred to several thousand people in a single one-hour session. (It can do the same in any language, through interpreters.)

The entire audience learns and practices powerful, effective mental techniques for relaxing deeply, letting go of stress, and achieving new goals in their lives. They take this learning home, where they can "zap their minds" and improve their lives all by themselves. ('Homework' from the Professor!)

Meditation Mystery is more than mere entertainment. It's a fun, effective way for people to change and improve their lives. 

Professor Jay Tee is centrally located in Kobe, Japan and ready to provide participatory entertainment and exciting seminars on the mind.

Consider his performances for events or cruises in the Asia and Australia area. (With cruises and tours increasing almost daily to Japan, and especially for next year's Olympics, companies are going to need enormous amounts of interesting entertainment that falls outside of the usual music-and-dancing.)

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