Saturday, 4 May 2019

Strike Like Lightning

The air takes on a breathless feel as my audience of a thousand people wonders who will be struck next. My subjects have just been seated on stage, are still shifting in their seats. I select a young man wearing a blue T-shirt as my target. He’ll be the first to go.

As I walk toward Mr. Blue at center stage, I sense raw emotion, as if it were a growing electrical field. Some subjects lean back away from me with sudden, irrational fear. I smile a wicked grin, and don’t slow my pace.

This group is perfectly ready for what I’m about to do...
Strike Like Lightning!
As I approach, I extend my hand to shake, gesturing him to stand at the same time. I call out my name and say Hello. As with anyone well-trained in Western culture, he stands and reaches to grasp my hand, smiling in preparation for introducing himself. But his right hand misses mine, which has somehow rapidly circled around and grasped the back of his.

"Look at your hand, look at your hand, look only at your hand, close your eyes, feeling so relaxed, so sleepy, just let go , drop down, dropping down now, I've got you, let yourself go and around and around and down..." my nonstop comments/suggestions/commands overwhelm his confused mind, and he finds it much easier to follow every one of them.

I ease him to the floor carefully, reassuring him that he is doing wonderfully and feeling amazingly well. He is already deep in trance within five seconds from the time that our hands met...

I look up to evaluate my subjects on stage. (I can already hear the muttering roar from the audience.)
The remaining subjects look on with expressions ranging from stunned disbelief to horrified am-I-next? looks.

Not a skeptical expression is left to be found. Excellent.
I grin even wider as I find my next target.
Next victim, please.

The Classic Handshake Induction is only one of dozens of instant hypnosis inductions used by Professor Jay Tee in each of his shows and seminars. 
(Instant inductions also help to prepare other volunteers to accept more rapid inductions. Much like toppling a row of dominoes...)

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