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Sunday, 3 March 2019

Bit by Bit (pun intended) the new book is coming along

The new is just about complete. We didn't want to make a complete change to everything, just a little touch-up and clean-up to the site.
The new book of the same title is progressing well, so it's about time to tell you about it.

"Zap My Mind" is the title of Professor Jay Tee's upcoming new book, which contains what is an almost guaranteed-controversial, yet complete and logical explanation of hypnosis.

What's in the book?

The book begins with a look at the current state of hypnosis, its's flaw, failures and dogmas. Jay Tee then strips off the fluff that has accumulated over the years, and digs down to the bare bones.
We are searching for the true meaning of, What is hypnosis?

In order to understand that, we first must dig down into other questions, for example, How does the mind work? What happens in the mind during hypnosis? and Can we throw away some of this old BS that is still being taught about hypnosis? (The answer to that last one is Yes.)

After answering the question of what hypnosis is, by reference to Jay Tee's new and useful model of the mind, we will look at how hypnosis happens, and different concepts and methods for encouraging that state of mind. In other words, we learn how to hypnotize almost anyone.

Later chapters include how hypnosis is used on the stage and in therapy. We will learn how they differ, how they are the same, and how you can develop your own methods to do either one or both.

A lot of sacred cows of hypnosis are being turned into barbecue in this book, and no punches are being pulled. We're going to learn and share the awful, actual truths about hypnosis, although some people probably won't like that very much!

Lots of tips and advice on how to do and how to use hypnosis is included, much of which will probably annoy someone. (Please send your most bitchy tweets to @superunconsc on Twitter so I can laugh at them. Thanks.)

  • The purpose of the book, "Zap My Mind" is to bring hypnosis out of the shadows and out into the popular consciousness in a positive way.
  • It's time to kill the misconceptions and silence the dogmatic "truths" promulgated by various hypnosis "authorities" for their own purposes.
  • It's time for the unvarnished truth about hypnosis...

...and here it comes.

The book "Zap My Mind" is non-technically written, for everyone to understand. It is intended not just for the professional hypnotist, but for the general, intelligent person, a person with zero knowledge of hypnosis or the mind. As far as possible, jargon and obfuscation by the use of overly field-specific language has been avoided.
Yet the content is such as to enable such a person to start to become a professional, if they should wish to. (Warning: it's not as easy to make a good living doing hypnosis as it would seem!) 
I hope you like "Zap My Mind."  —Jay Tee

Intended for mere beginners, novices, experienced hypnotists, and the simply curious-about-the-mind.

Professor Jay Tee is 100% self-taught in how to do hypnosis. He is an autodidact, who has never taken a hypnosis course from anyone. He studied hundreds of new and old hypnosis books, and audio and video sources from dozens of places over the years, and he then blended all the things that worked into his own unique hypnosis style. (And it works very well, thank you!)

Jay Tee is fascinated by the human mind and the human brain, and does the best he can to keep up with the rapid pace of new research on both. Experts should always strive to continue to learn, in order to remain experts! He particularly detests those "experts" who simply repeat the same tired old adages, mistakes and intentional untruths that have passed into popular psychology. (Or worse, those who make up their own BS.)

Sorry, Virginia, but there is no "Quantum Mind" or "Universal Consciousness," and the "Secret" is merely wishful thinking without applying the personal effort to go with your wishes. The Universe doesn't care about your wishes or prayers. (But good things will often happen when you actually work for your goals!)

Jay Tee is also very much NOT a member of any of the various competing-for-your-membership-fees hypnosis organizations that now exist. He has no worries about breaking any rules of the (numerous and pointless) hypnosis groups out there nor about violating any unwritten codes embedded by his prior (and nonexistent) instructor gurus.

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