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Monday, 21 January 2019

New projects coming soon!

We at Professor Jay Tee have been working hard on several projects, which should be released soon. 

(What are we up to? Well, since you asked... We're telepathic, you know... Not.)

First, we're very proud of a brand new hypnosis program which is bound to be especially interesting for business managers and human resources personnel who want to get the most from their people—while helping them, too! 
But it's actually great for anyone who wants to seriously maximize their focus and functioning on one particular topic, while being able to temporarily offload concerns and cares about other things.

Warning: This program destroys the outdated and scientific-research-proven-counterproductive concept of "multitasking" that some business training people are still selling.
Instead, it teaches people how to do one complex task at a time, with total focus and commitment. And don't worry about burnout; it also enables them to relax more completely and let go of their stress when not working on that task. They get more family time and a more balanced life-work relationship as a result of their training.

(How does it work? Very well, thank you! Details coming soon.)

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And Second, Professor Jay Tee is now deep into writing a comprehensive book on hypnosis especially for beginning hypnotists and the hypno-curious. It's something he's been actively avoiding for years, but he now sees the need for his viewpoint on the topic, and his methods on how to properly do it, to be shared with others.
The book will be a complete guide on how to do hypnosis from scratch. No nonsense here, and no 50-page repetition of the same tired old history and "theory" BS found in almost all other books for beginners. 

What will you get in the beginner's book? 
  • You'll get Professor Jay Tee's own complete theory of the mind, how it works, and why hypnosis works as a result of its structure. 
  • You'll get simple-yet-complete instructions to get yourself going with hypnosis. 
  • You'll find out who is best to hypnotize (and who is worst) and where to go find them. And once you've found your subjects, 
  • You'll learn how to best interact with them for impressive results.
Jay Tee will also include guidance on the proper ways of providing effective therapy, and using hypnosis to make great stage show entertainment.

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