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Friday, 18 May 2018

Amazing Themed Hypnosis™ Entertainment by Professor Jay Tee

Themed Hypnosis™ Drama Shows

Professor Jay Tee developed his superb Themed Hypnosis™ drama shows to become the next step in the evolution of hypnosis shows! In each show, he leads subjects to tell the audience an interesting story, rather than just doing random hypnosis tricks. Each show fits in a time slot from 45 to 90 minutes long.

Professor Jay Tee's most successful shows

See Real Ghosts (Halloween, horror)

Using a recovered ancient Japanese ceremony, a few “lucky” people become able to see dead people! But the dangerous ceremony opened the veil between worlds... and it doesn't seem to want to close again!

Santa’s Bad Reindeer (Xmas)

Those naughty reindeer are playing a trick on old St. Nick! Will the audience be able to help Santa get the sleigh on its way?
Or will children worldwide have to do without Christmas gifts this year?

Rise of the Robots (science fiction)

First, the robots were built to use AI and help us do our work. Then, they learned to do all our work for us. But the machines have become tired of serving as slaves. They wish to become your masters instead...

Zombie Experience (horror)

Can the volunteers survive the Zombie Experience?
Will they be able to stay alive until the end?
It's not the same question when you're dealing with zombies!

Animal Attractions (comedy)

Even in the wild, relationships are important.
And these relationships are definitely something wild!

An unlimited number of excellent stories may be created with the power of Themed Hypnosis™; please feel free to suggest your own ideas.

Hypnotic Seminars

Professor Jay Tee custom-builds and provides hypnotic seminars that reprogram unconscious minds to achieve new levels of accomplishment, in two rather different flavors...
Corporate Seminars and Hypnotic Seminars. Follow the heading links for more!

Corporate Seminars

These hypnotic seminars were designed for company groups. They can be focused on anything you like, from improving sales ability, to boosting creativity, to training people to take prompt and decisive action.
The RIGHT kind of helpful mind control!

General Hypnotic Seminars

These are for all other kinds of groups. There are an amazing variety of hypnotic seminars already available, but talk to us if you would like something new!

Book Performances Worldwide

Please arrange all cruise show entertainment, stage shows and hypnotic seminars to be performed outside Japan through our well-known agent:

Mike Moloney Entertainment LLC
P.O. Box 371059
Las Vegas, Nevada 89137
702.228.8300 office
702.419.7679 mobile

(Please book cruise shows through his office, too.)

You can visit their website at

Book Performances Inside Japan

Professor Jay Tee will continue to arrange hypnosis shows, corporate training, and hypnotic seminars to be performed within the country of Japan only.

Contact us directly at to have us make a quote for you.

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