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Monday, 15 January 2018

Hyper suggestible people

Answering: Is having hyper hypnotizability a good thing?

First off, there’s really no such thing as a hyper hypnotizable person, although thousands of supposed experts will tell you there is.

Either you are:
  • ready for hypnosis at a given time and in a given situation, or
  • you aren’t.

However, being in hypnosis feels great, so when a person has experienced it before, they are often much more easily inclined to follow along and “go there” again in a new situation. This also applies if a person does self-hypnosis, whether they know they are doing it, or not.

Second, to actually answer your correctly rephrased question:
Is being easily hypnotized in every situation a good thing?

Probably not. There are people out there who will attempt to use it for their own nefarious purposes, and NOT to help you out, or just have fun with it for proper entertainment purposes.

[Older example of total BS professional hypnotists still insist is true. This was based on a VERY limited self-study conducted by a hypnotist who WANTED to prove it true, of course! ]

Even now, most professional hypnotists will quickly tell you that part of your mind will ALWAYS kick in and REJECT suggestions that are not good for you, or that you find ethically offensive, but THIS IS NOT ALWAYS TRUE.

It’s a personal thing, to be honest.

It all comes down to this:
Which is stronger for the hypnotized person?
  1. Ethical/moral beliefs (sometimes not that strongly held!)
  2. Desire to feel great in hypnosis (stronger than you think!)
  3. Belief that this is “just like a game” and nothing bad will happen
  4. Trust in the person who does the hypnosis
  5. Comfort in the situation (might not seem so bad at the time)
  6. Drunkenness/other drug effects
    (yes, you can be hypnotized when using drugs or alcohol)
  7. Power of focus/level of inattention to what is outside focus
    (aka “depth” of trance)
These facets combine in a unique way for each person.

The results of your unique combination determines whether your unconscious mind would decide to remain in hypnosis EVEN WHEN THE HYPNOSIS IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU.

So much for “You won’t do anything in Hypnosis that you won’t do outside Hypnosis.” It’s wishful thinking.

In the proper circumstances, hypnosis IS real mind control.

Professor Jay Tee

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