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Can Hypnosis Make Someone Do Something They Don't Want to?

Answering: Can hypnosis be used to make someone tell the truth?

There is a classic hypnosis “test,” where people are given beakers full of acid, and (still in trance) ordered by the hypnotist to throw the acid in a person’s face.
The people refuse, it is said, because the hypnosis cannot make them breach their ethical/moral standards.

Derren Brown, the well-known magician/hypnotist/mentalist/performer even did a show featuring this test.
In his version, ALL the people DID throw the acid.

Fortunately, the acid had secretly been replaced with water.

  • Did the subjects KNOW it wasn’t acid? 
  • Did they not have high enough morals to refuse? 
  • OR is the test not true? 

Your guess is as good as mine…

But in your example given, it’s not even an issue.
Matthew Small's answer to Hypnosis: Is it true that a hypnotist can't make his client do something against his moral?

Merely kissing someone, even of the same sex, is probably not going to be enough to trigger a moral dilemma for a modern person. Even in the staid old 20th Century, there were dozens of Hollywood movie comedies where two straight men kissed each other just for laughs.

But, are you still wondering…

Could I hypnotize someone to do something “against their will” by changing their perceptions?

The answer is: Maybe. (Gotta love these decisive answers, don’t cha? People are variable; don’t blame me.)

IF the person saw the hypnosis as a way to GET OUT OF BEING BLAMED for doing something they actually, secretly WANTED to do, it would be possible.

“I didn’t do it! The hypnotist made me!” But it’s actually a bunch of BS. The person knew what they were doing at all times.

While in hypnosis SUBJECTS ARE HIGHLY AWARE of what is going on, even when it does not look like it.

And when they don’t want to do something, they simply don’t.

Happens to me in hypnosis shows all the time. I make a suggestion, and if they don’t like it, they begin to wake up immediately. You can see an actual example in my show here:

And unless I can reassure them that what I’m doing is fun, and/or for their benefit, they will fully awaken and know exactly what I tried to get them to do.

Be warned: DON’T try to use hypnosis to take advantage of women.
You’ll get screwed, not them!

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