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Graphic Design and Awesome Photo-decorated Products by PJT Designs

You can purchase PJT Designs and hi-res photos, printed on a wide range of apparel and other products.

His creations range from the sublime to the subliminal.

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Halloween Hypnosis Adventures

New for Halloween 2018—and available anytime!

Professor Jay Tee has created three new, terrifying Adventures in hypnosis. These shows were NOT created for the faint-of-heart!

Zombie Escape

The End of the World has come, just a little sooner than you expected.
The dead have been rising and killing for days, and now their own victims have begun rising as well. But how do you kill the already dead?
Can you learn to defend your final stronghold against the powerful zombie onslaught?

Claws of Cthulhu

The stars have aligned themselves perfectly as a precursor for the return of Mankind's final Doom.
Earthquakes have already destroyed whole cities and killed millions, huge tsunamis swept beaches clear of life, and long-dead volcanoes returned to fiery life, belching noxious gases worldwide.
Sensing their time is near, deluded cultists have gathered near you to perform the final ritual magics.
They intend to open the Great Door at the bottom of the sea, and release the evil god Cthulhu; to finish the destruction of our pitiful little human race...
Can you stop them?

Evil Seance

But it was only done in fun! That won't stop the evil spirits and the demons from taking advantage of your foolishness. Ouija boards and seances are powerful tools of evil...
And now, if you don't all work together, and take quick, decisive action, many more people will soon go over to the "other side."
Most certainly including everyone you love in the world...

These three are new titles in our Themed Hypnosis™ line.

Book now, get a quote, or ask for more information by contacting our office at

Wedding Party Hypnosis Fun!

Unforgettable Wedding Entertainment

After every wedding comes the wedding party, or reception. Your invited guests have been patiently sharing your personal time and sitting through the ceremony quietly.

The wedding party is the time for them (and you two) to cut loose and have fun! It's a time to celebrate your joining, and anticipate your happiness as a new family.

But your guests have probably been to many weddings, for friends, coworkers, and family. Every wedding party has similar music, lots of drinking, good food, and beautiful decorations. They tend to blend together in the mind after awhile.

Would you like to: 

  • Make your wedding party TOTALLY UNFORGETTABLE?
  • Make your wedding party COMPLETELY UNIQUE??
  • Entertain your guests in a fascinating way they NEVER expected when they came to your wedding?
  • Give your guests a FASCINATING EXPERIENCE, beyond anything they ever expected?
  • Have your guests cooperate in providing THEIR OWN entertainment?
  • Make your guests laugh, and enjoy remembering YOUR WEDDING PARTY for years?

But how?

Professor Jay Tee's Wedding Hypnosis Entertainment!

Professor Jay Tee is a Master Hypnotist, with more than 20 years of expertise. His show will demonstrate the effect of hypnosis on the human mind, in a very funny way, using YOUR OWN WEDDING GUESTS!

Two entertainment program lengths and styles are suitable for wedding parties (click the links to learn more):

Please book Professor Jay Tee's Wedding Hypnosis through your current wedding planning company or venue.

If you found this page yourself, you may please contact us at to make arrangements.
Or, simply ask your wedding planners to contact us and book a show.
(It's great for you, too! Why? Because YOU get an extra discount when your wedding planners book us for the first time.)


MindBending™ Demonstrations

Little time? You can still have a fun hypnosis display at your event!

Due to an increased demand for shorter performances, Professor Jay Tee is now offering MindBending™ Demonstrations. These performances fit into shorter time frames, anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes in length.

MindBending™ Demonstrations are an excellent brief display of hypnosis on a small group of subjects, and a tantalizing demonstration of its pure power for good.

After a brief introduction about hypnosis, the entire audience will undergo a mental concentration test, which is designed to help them discover their own personal ability to go into hypnosis. Following the mental test, a few (3-6) volunteers will be selected.

The volunteers will be taken through various interesting hypnosis processes, as the Professor explains to the audience what is happening inside their minds.

It makes for an amazing show, and everyone learns more about how their mind works at the same time!

Book today!

Amazing Themed Hypnosis™ Entertainment by Professor Jay Tee

Themed Hypnosis™ Drama Shows

Professor Jay Tee developed his superb Themed Hypnosis™ drama shows to become the next step in the evolution of hypnosis shows! In each show, he leads subjects to tell the audience an interesting story, rather than just doing random hypnosis tricks. Each show fits in a time slot from 45 to 90 minutes long.

Professor Jay Tee's most successful shows

See Real Ghosts (Halloween, horror)

Using a recovered ancient Japanese ceremony, a few “lucky” people become able to see dead people! But the dangerous ceremony opened the veil between worlds... and it doesn't seem to want to close again!

Santa’s Bad Reindeer (Xmas)

Those naughty reindeer are playing a trick on old St. Nick! Will the audience be able to help Santa get the sleigh on its way?
Or will children worldwide have to do without Christmas gifts this year?

Rise of the Robots (science fiction)

First, the robots were built to use AI and help us do our work. Then, they learned to do all our work for us. But the machines have become tired of serving as slaves. They wish to become your masters instead...

Zombie Experience (horror)

Can the volunteers survive the Zombie Experience?
Will they be able to stay alive until the end?
It's not the same question when you're dealing with zombies!

Animal Attractions (comedy)

Even in the wild, relationships are important.
And these relationships are definitely something wild!

An unlimited number of excellent stories may be created with the power of Themed Hypnosis™; please feel free to suggest your own ideas.

Hypnotic Seminars

Professor Jay Tee custom-builds and provides hypnotic seminars that reprogram unconscious minds to achieve new levels of accomplishment, in two rather different flavors...
Corporate Seminars and Hypnotic Seminars. Follow the heading links for more!

Corporate Seminars

These hypnotic seminars were designed for company groups. They can be focused on anything you like, from improving sales ability, to boosting creativity, to training people to take prompt and decisive action.
The RIGHT kind of helpful mind control!

General Hypnotic Seminars

These are for all other kinds of groups. There are an amazing variety of hypnotic seminars already available, but talk to us if you would like something new!

Book Performances Worldwide

Please arrange all cruise show entertainment, stage shows and hypnotic seminars to be performed outside Japan through our well-known agent:

Mike Moloney Entertainment LLC
P.O. Box 371059
Las Vegas, Nevada 89137
702.228.8300 office
702.419.7679 mobile

(Please book cruise shows through his office, too.)

You can visit their website at

Book Performances Inside Japan

Professor Jay Tee will continue to arrange hypnosis shows, corporate training, and hypnotic seminars to be performed within the country of Japan only.

Contact us directly at to have us make a quote for you.

Autumn/Winter 2018 hypnosis fun and more

Now scheduling new shows and seminars for Autumn and Winter 2018

Did you miss us last year? Now is the time to book for Fall and Winter. Don't miss the best time for you—Friday and Saturday nights always book the fastest!

Already working on a military hypnosis comedy performance in Okinawa.

And a corporate hypnosis presentation and change seminar in Tokyo.

Ready for a super hypnosis show in your area?
Set it up now!

All are carefully customized to suit your needs.

Contact our Agent for performances outside Japan (including cruise shows and seminars)

Or email our offices directly at to set up performances within Japan. 

Professor Jay Tee is based in the lovely little city of Kobe, Japan.
Let us know if you're coming by!

Our Awesome Agent

A well-respected entertainment agent in the USA does our bookings internationally. They'll be handling all our hypnosis cruise shows and performances/seminars taking place outside Japan.

Please book through our professional representative:

Mike Moloney Entertainment LLC
P.O. Box 371059
Las Vegas, Nevada 89137
702.228.8300 office

Can Hypnosis Make Someone Do Something They Don't Want to?

Answering: Can hypnosis be used to make someone tell the truth?

There is a classic hypnosis “test,” where people are given beakers full of acid, and (still in trance) ordered by the hypnotist to throw the acid in a person’s face.
The people refuse, it is said, because the hypnosis cannot make them breach their ethical/moral standards.

Derren Brown, the well-known magician/hypnotist/mentalist/performer even did a show featuring this test.
In his version, ALL the people DID throw the acid.

Fortunately, the acid had secretly been replaced with water.

  • Did the subjects KNOW it wasn’t acid? 
  • Did they not have high enough morals to refuse? 
  • OR is the test not true? 

Your guess is as good as mine…

But in your example given, it’s not even an issue.
Matthew Small's answer to Hypnosis: Is it true that a hypnotist can't make his client do something against his moral?

Merely kissing someone, even of the same sex, is probably not going to be enough to trigger a moral dilemma for a modern person. Even in the staid old 20th Century, there were dozens of Hollywood movie comedies where two straight men kissed each other just for laughs.

But, are you still wondering…

Could I hypnotize someone to do something “against their will” by changing their perceptions?

The answer is: Maybe. (Gotta love these decisive answers, don’t cha? People are variable; don’t blame me.)

IF the person saw the hypnosis as a way to GET OUT OF BEING BLAMED for doing something they actually, secretly WANTED to do, it would be possible.

“I didn’t do it! The hypnotist made me!” But it’s actually a bunch of BS. The person knew what they were doing at all times.

While in hypnosis SUBJECTS ARE HIGHLY AWARE of what is going on, even when it does not look like it.

And when they don’t want to do something, they simply don’t.

Happens to me in hypnosis shows all the time. I make a suggestion, and if they don’t like it, they begin to wake up immediately. You can see an actual example in my show here:

And unless I can reassure them that what I’m doing is fun, and/or for their benefit, they will fully awaken and know exactly what I tried to get them to do.

Be warned: DON’T try to use hypnosis to take advantage of women.
You’ll get screwed, not them!

Professor Jay Tee

Hyper suggestible people

Answering: Is having hyper hypnotizability a good thing?

First off, there’s really no such thing as a hyper hypnotizable person, although thousands of supposed experts will tell you there is.

Either you are:
  • ready for hypnosis at a given time and in a given situation, or
  • you aren’t.

However, being in hypnosis feels great, so when a person has experienced it before, they are often much more easily inclined to follow along and “go there” again in a new situation. This also applies if a person does self-hypnosis, whether they know they are doing it, or not.

Second, to actually answer your correctly rephrased question:
Is being easily hypnotized in every situation a good thing?

Probably not. There are people out there who will attempt to use it for their own nefarious purposes, and NOT to help you out, or just have fun with it for proper entertainment purposes.

[Older example of total BS professional hypnotists still insist is true. This was based on a VERY limited self-study conducted by a hypnotist who WANTED to prove it true, of course! ]

Even now, most professional hypnotists will quickly tell you that part of your mind will ALWAYS kick in and REJECT suggestions that are not good for you, or that you find ethically offensive, but THIS IS NOT ALWAYS TRUE.

It’s a personal thing, to be honest.

It all comes down to this:
Which is stronger for the hypnotized person?
  1. Ethical/moral beliefs (sometimes not that strongly held!)
  2. Desire to feel great in hypnosis (stronger than you think!)
  3. Belief that this is “just like a game” and nothing bad will happen
  4. Trust in the person who does the hypnosis
  5. Comfort in the situation (might not seem so bad at the time)
  6. Drunkenness/other drug effects
    (yes, you can be hypnotized when using drugs or alcohol)
  7. Power of focus/level of inattention to what is outside focus
    (aka “depth” of trance)
These facets combine in a unique way for each person.

The results of your unique combination determines whether your unconscious mind would decide to remain in hypnosis EVEN WHEN THE HYPNOSIS IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU.

So much for “You won’t do anything in Hypnosis that you won’t do outside Hypnosis.” It’s wishful thinking.

In the proper circumstances, hypnosis IS real mind control.

Professor Jay Tee

PJT's Book, for Better Hypnosis